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Turkish-Afghan Friendship & Brotherhood

The territory of Afghanistan has especially been the scene of the struggle for domination of the imperialist powers since the 19th century and in 1839 the British invaded Afghanistan. On February 19, 1919, with the passing of the pro-innovation Amanullah Khan to Afghanistan, important developments began to take place in the country.In this process, Afghanistan gained its independence against the British with the agreement of Ravalpindi on August 8, 1919, and the foundations of free and independent Afghanistan were laid.Immediately after winning independence of Afghanistan, the Turkish government and the Turkish-Afghan relations continued in the years of the National Struggle and the “Turkish-Afghan Friendship and Cooperation Agreement” dated March 1, 1921 became the basis of these relations.The struggle for independence that started in Anatolia was supported by the people of Afghanistan, and this struggle became an example to all eastern nations. After the proclamation of the Republic have continued this close relationship and Amanullah Khan On 20 May 1928 came to Turkey and met with Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.